SPA Equipment

Sports World & Sports Village have tied up with some of the leading International Spa Equipment Companies in the world. We offer the quality, expertise, and customer service you desire. All of our products come with a warranty and superb customer service, so we are confident that you'll be happy with the Spa equipments supplied by us.

Variant sauna from Harvia

The basic layout of the Harvia Variant sauna is ample and provides you with the opportunity for a variety of different arrangements. The Variant sauna is also the most flexible of Harvia's sauna designs: you have four options for wall and ceiling paneling, and you can choose the windows and the tone of the doors that best match your personal taste. Aspen is a traditional sauna material because of its characteristics. Aspen's light and even colour is long-lasting and creates a fresh atmosphere inside your sauna. Alder has a refined shade of red which deepens with age.

Steam Rooms & Generators

Harvia steam generator is a novelty that brings Harvia’s expertise in sauna bathing into steam rooms. It is an oasis of relaxation and good feeling. Let the humid heat pamper your senses and forget time and rush for a moment. Harvia Steam is easy to install. No separate mounting-rack is needed and coupling is dimensioned by standard. Harvia Steam is also easy to maintain and user-friendly with splash proof construction, optional auto clean function and easy access to all changeable parts. A fragrance pump & an automatic discharge valve are available as accessories

Lockers & Cubicles

Sports World & Sports Village have tie up’s with world leading manufacturer’s of lockers plus cubicles, changing room furniture for hotel, spa, golf, football, health and fitness club changing rooms. Our lockers & cubicles are the preferred option for clients that want to draw on our expertise in providing the best lockers, seats, towel storage units, vanity stations and other furniture.

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Jacuzzis & SPA Pools

Sports World & Sports Village provide commercial & home use Jacuzzis and SPA Pools from around the world built to the highest standards, including independent testing standards which are compliant with the International regulatory authorities. With several years experience with commercial & home use Jacuzzis & Spa installations in the entire Middle East, we can provide CAD drawings, Installation requirements and assistance with turn key projects.

Massage Products & Accessories

We specialize in providing the highest quality spa massage beds for practitioners interested in offering their clients the best service. The intention is to prioritize innovation and our reputation for impeccable quality reflects our commitment to bringing you the essentials, such as portable and stationary massage tables, at a competitive price for virtually every spa and health related package.

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