Turf & Flooring

This division was established in 1995 to complement the other two branches Sport World and Saudi Gardens. It allowed us to offer our customer a full range of services, at the same level of quality and customer satisfaction. The Division is staffed with highly qualified professionals, utilizing the latest machinery and technologies and under the supervision of prestigious suppliers we proudly represent in the region.
We are the authorized dealers, installers and applicator of many international companies serving the following areas:

Sport Facilities & Surfacing:

    1. Football Fields (Artificial grass)
    1. Basketball, Squash, Tennis & Volleyball courts
    1. Running Tracks
    1. Indoor shooting range
    1. Indoor Gymnasium and Children Safety flooring
  • We have completed numerous high quality projects, utilizing recommended and approved systems by our suppliers.
    We represent major suppliers and manufacturers such as POLYTAN, CONICA, LANO, LATEXITE and HERCULAN

    Industrial Flooring:

    We provide industrial flooring for various sectors such as Factories, Parking lots, Warehouses, Stores, Workshops, Laboratories and Power stations.
    We represent major suppliers and manufacturers of various flooring systems such as BASF, SIKA, HAMPEL and CONICA.

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