Marketing & Investment

This Division is the heart & soul of KAAS Group. The division grew rapidly, to become the global arm of KAAS Group - with offices, agents, investments and assets across the globe. The division offers unique and distinctive services; operated by a team of highly talented professional staff with diverse cultures and backgrounds. The branch offers a wide array of services across multiple industries and disciplines. Over the years, the division conducted over billion-dollar deals in investments, acquisitions, new opportunities and services. KAAS group has built a solid reputation in the local and regional market which enabled the company to established a sizable customer base and build strategic partnerships and alliances with large corporations The division offers the following Services: 1. Offers Management consulting to the local and regional markets, such as ministries, armed forces and private companies. 2. Provides consultation to foreign investors who are looking to invest in Saudi Arabia and the regional markets. 3. Conducts and manages the company strategic planning and investments, through acquisition , joint ventures and partnership. 4. Represents foreign corporations in marketing and selling their products and services in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle east

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